Welcome to Auburn Stove Foundry’s Website

We are a premier manufacturer of custom stove parts, and all kinds of ornate metal castings.

We specialize in castings replacement parts for wood and coal stoves and we possess a large number of patterns for many kinds of stoves.

Our other services include:

• Custom cast stove parts

Original casting, grates in any dimension, round covers, lid lifters, other accessories.

• Ornate iron castings

Iron fencing cast from patterns or originals, andirons for fireplaces. Novelty castings such as doorstops, bookends, wall brackets and other unique items.

• Non-ferrous castings

Bronze, aluminum ,silicon bronze and other bronze alloys for custom boat hardware, grave markers and plaques.

Auburn Stove Foundry Company Inc.

Address: PO Box 226
New Gloucester Maine 04260

Phone: (207) 926-3120
Fax: (207) 926-3120