Auburn Stove Foundry Co., Inc’s line of business is metals service center. While we special in replacement wood and coal stove parts, we can do a variety of related metal work. Below is an outline of some of the detailed services we provide.

I. Cast iron stove parts

Wood and coal stove parts

1. Patterns

a. Portland Stove Foundry Co. parts

b. Glenwood stove parts

c. Crawford stove parts

d. Wide range of miscellaneous parts

2. Custom cast stove parts

a. Many parts may be cast from an original casting

3. We stock parts for many of the more common stoves made by Glenwood (Tauton Iron Works) and Portland Stove Foundry Co.

4. We are also capable of casting grates in virtually any dimnsion upon request.

5. Round covers for stove tops can also be supplied upon request with many of the common dimensions in stock.

6. Stove accessories

a. Lid lifters

II. Ornate iron castings

A. Iron fencing

1. Cast from patterns supplied

2. Cast from originals

B. Andirons for fireplaces

1. Dogs or backers cast to dimensions requested

C. Novelty Castings

1. Doorstops

2. Bookends

3. Wall brackets

4. A variety of other unique items

III. Non-ferrous castings

A. Bronze

1. Silicon bronze (500)

a. Custom cast boat hardware

b. Grave markers

c. Plaques

2. Other bronze alloys can be cast on request

a. (115) Red bronze

b. (421) Maganese bronze

B. Aluminum

1. (713) Tenzaloy
2. (535.2) Almag
3. (A356)